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“I love, love, LOVE her”

“It is easier to build small children than to repair broken men.” Frederick Douglass

I could easily spend several hundred words in this space talking about our toddler program.

How our instructors and volunteers and parents help our toddlers grow comfortable being around big people and other little people.

How we build toddler community. How we surround our little guys with books and pictures.

But how ’bout what toddlers do for us?

They remind us to approach every experience with gusto. 
(We’re going to Wawa! Can we stop at Rite Aid?)

To never tire of interrogatives.
(Why do they have flying sharks on YouTube when sharks can’t fly?)

Most impressively, toddlers value friendship and loyalty more than any other age group.
(Danielle is my best friend! I love, love, LOVE her!)

Naeemah Suluki is Mighty Writers’ lead toddler instructor. Comes to toddlers, nobody touches Nae.

Not sure we entirely know what makes her so effective, but the word authentic leaps to mind.

As does trust.

A week or so ago, Nae sent an update on her most recent toddler workshop.

“We sang songs, did a mindful exercise, ate some pizza and talked  about the letter P.”

So matter of fact.

Yet an agenda open and kind.

The way life should feel for us all.     

— Tim Whitaker, Executive Director