Know Your MW Staffers

“Writing is an outlet for expression.”

Tierra Shardae’ Jones

Program Director, Mighty Penrose Rec Center, 11th & Susquehanna

Where I grew up: North Philadelphia

College: Undergraduate, Pennsylvania State University. Graduate Studies, Fairleigh Dickinson University

One of my biggest heroes is: My foster dad. He’s shown me unconditional love and an unmatched level of support. He’s my GO TO for everything in LIFE! 

Favorite author: Toni Morrison

Last book I read: “Becoming,” by Michelle Obama

Person who inspired me to appreciate writing: Nikki Giovanni. The boldness of her words and unapologetic tone spoke to me! It was then I realized that writing is not just pen to paper, but an outlet of expression and freedom.

Most important thing to always remember when teaching kids: They ARE kids and it’s up to us to use our platform to encourage and support them.