Know Your MW Staffers

“Compassion is key.”

Amy Banegas

Program Director, Mighty Writers North

Where I grew up: Philadelphia

College: Temple University 

One of my biggest heroes is: Frida Khalo. For her strength, resistance and passion. Her story has been an inspiration to me since I was in middle school. 

Favorite author: Brene Brown

Last book I read: “A Return to Love,” by Marianne Williamson

Person who inspired me to appreciate writing; My 3rd grade teacher, Ms Hawkins, because she invested her time to read my quirky stories and poems. She gifted me books by Shel Silverstein, Judy Bloom and Beverly Cleary to help enhance my imagination and love of writing.

Most important thing to always remember when teaching kids: Compassion is key. It creates space for emotional, mental, and social growth for our youth. If we all practice and teach compassion and care, imagine the possibilities.