Mighty Writers Now!

Mighty Friends,

Think clearly and write with clarity.

You've heard us say those words when touting Mighty Writers more than once.

Maybe a lot more than once?

It's our battle cry, our tagline, our mantra. It's served as our elevator pitch and baseline mission statement since our launch 11 years ago.

Not everyone (as has been so strikingly apparent in recent times) thinks clearly.

And a lot less people (as you've also no doubt noticed) can express themselves with clarity.

But for those who can nail both-- clarity of thought and expression-- a lifetime of Mightiness is there for the taking.

We're true believers in the power of writing.

But when the virus began to strangle the communities where we serve kids, our mission suddenly needed amending.

You can't think clearly or write with clarity if you're hungry.

We began distributing lunches to kids at two of our centers.

The lunch numbers grew quickly, and when we could, we included boxes of groceries. We made sure there were Tootsie Roll Pops and books, too, a pretty sweet combo, fyi.

Soon we were doubling to four the number of MW food distribution sites.

And we began adding diapers.

(Nothing pleases us more. The comfort they'll bring to future Mighty ones!)

As for teaching kids to write, we wouldn't dare let slip our once-and-forever mission.

When the virus turned nasty, we whisked kids from our centers and hightailed it out of there.

We learned Zoom, scouted writing platforms, updated our MW kids and families about next steps and airlifted Mighty Writers to a safe spot in the online universe.

We launched a roster of  "at-home" classes.

Mighty Writer regulars will be happy to know it includes mindfulness and the return of "Girl Power!" and "Family Write Night."

Like you, our Mighty world has been upended.

We figure our best bet here is to stay safe and keep hustling; to continue to serve the people and children who have so graciously allowed us into their communities for a growing number of years now.

Loyalty works both ways, and always.

When you plant the Mightiness flag, you damn well better stand by it.

Sounds macho, don't it?

It do.

But it's also kind of the way we look at it.

Tim Whitaker, Executive Director
Mighty Writers

Our Mighty Writer centers are located
in nine neighborhoods:

MW El Futuro, 1025 S. 9th Street

MW Atlantic City, 161 S. Tennessee Ave., Atlantic City, NJ

MW North, 2300 Master Street

MW South, 1501 Christian Street

MW West, 3520 Fairmount Ave.

MW Mill Creek, 4700 Brown Street

MW Kennett, 122 Rosehill Ave., West Grove, PA

MW Penrose, 1101 Susquehanna Avenue

MW Camden, 1801 Broadway, Camden, NJ

Stop by and see us.