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MW North was originally launched in 2015 in collaboration with the Church of the Advocate, an institutional leader in civil rights advocacy in North Philadelphia. We now occupy a large, well-lit writing center in the new Vaux Family Center. Big Picture High School is in the same building (the old Vaux High School), but you need not attend the high school to participate in our programs. Kids from all over North Philly attend workshops at MW North. All are welcome!

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All Mighty Writers programs are designed
to teach children to think clearly and write with clarity.

All programs at Mighty Writers are free to the kids we serve.

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Mighty Writers North
Vaux Family Center
2300 Master Street
Philadelphia, PA 19121
phone number coming soon!



Vaux Family Center
2300 Master St.

Natasha Toney
MW North
Program Director:
Natasha Toney