At Mighty Writers we’ve learned that one of the best ways to inspire students to write, create and tell stories, is through graphic novels and comic books.

Our newest initiative—MIGHTYVISION, a comic book workshop/gallery space at 641 South Street—is dedicated to the proposition that comic books get kids writing.

At MIGHTYVISION, we engage comic book writers, cartoonists, artists and art students to help us mentor and teach Mighty kids to write, design and illustrate their own characters and stories.

We also host talks by comic and graphic novel writers and illustrators and hold workshops and exhibitions to showcase the work of both kids and grownups.

The goal of MIGHTYVISION is the same as it is at Mighty Writers: to create a city of young people capable of using their writing skills to get where they need to go—be it high school graduation, college, a job, a new business or a creative venture.

To learn more, or to get involved, email Maggie Leyman at

MIGHTYVISION is made possible through the support of the Sheila Fortune Foundation, Citizens Bank Foundation and Arts on South, an innovative program organized by Philadelphia's Magic Gardens that loans unrented retail stores to local artists to showcase their artwork.