“Quiet the mind and the soul will speak.” — Buddha

Mindfulness is a new way of being.

And nothing less, says Amy Perez, our new director of mindfulness.

Being mindful, she says, means being present in the moment and not overly reactive to what may or may not happen in the future.

That last part gets you thinking.

There will be 60-and 90- minute workshops, follow-up classes and lots of tips and prompts and practices. 

“We will see kids better focused and happier,” Amy says. “Over time, it can change their views of themselves.”

Enhancing self-esteem is one of the goals. 

“It will help our Mighty students find new ways to feel, see and listen,” she says. “And by listen, I mean to themselves.”

It will help them think clearly. 

And write with clarity.

Crazy, what a new way of being can do for a person.

Works for all ages, too, says Amy, all demographics.

At a time when we sometimes feel just one tweet or news alert shy of delirium, mindfulness might prove the perfectly targeted remedy.


Feel that gentle-on-my-mind breeze that just whispered through?