“I’ll always love my Mama.”

When we ask people– people like you– who first turned them onto writing, we get the same handful of responses. 

A high school teacher. 

A college professor. 

An older sibling.  

But one response swamps all the others. 


Moms, the evidence is clear, are the darlings of the writing crowd. 

Okay, so maybe, in some select cases, Dad might run a close second.

And in some families, so we’ve been told, Dad may even be the more polished wordsmith.

So there’s that.

Still… sorry Dads, but the sentiment this Mother’s Day season runs generously in the Moms’ favor. 

Most often, judging by our large (and perhaps slightly unscientific) poll, Moms are the more demonstrative lover of words.

They’re the inspiration, the muse in the family, the ones who just naturally lead with their soul when putting pen to paper, which is why their words always flow so gracefully.

Moms, in so many cases, just instinctively know that lives are enhanced with writing as a life skill. 

Being at ease behind a keyboard turns kids into lifelong readers .

(Could there possibly be a better side benefit?)

And learning to express thoughts clearly builds self-esteem in formative years and enhances fortunes when the time comes to hop into the career lane.

Bottom line?

Moms are a #MeToo literary species all their own.

Mighty, even.

Mighty, because they always know what’s write.