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Mighty Friends,

We’re so excited about a Mighty event that will take place Sat., Sept. 29, 7:30pm, at the Philadelphia Ethical Society, 1906 South Rittenhouse Square.

The event is a talk by NIKOLE HANNAH-JONES, who worked as an investigative reporter at ProPublica in New York City, where she spent three years chronicling the way official policy created and maintains segregation in housing and schools.

Nikole started her journalism career covering the majority-black Durham Public Schools for The News & Observer in Raleigh, N.C. During her three years there, she wrote extensively on issues of race, class, school resegregation and equity.

Today, Nikole Hannah-Jones is an award-winning investigative reporter covering civil rights and racial injustice for The New York Times Magazine. In 2016, she helped found the Ida B. Wells Society for Investigative Reporting, a news organization dedicated to increasing the ranks of investigative reporters of color. (If the name Ida Wells is new to you, you can learn a bit about her from this recent NYT editorial.)

In Mighty fashion, Nikole got hooked on writing when she joined her high school newspaper and began writing about students like herself, who were bused across town as part of a voluntary school desegregation program. (Nikole is writing a book on school segregation called, “The Problem We All Live With.”)

Check out¬†this new podcast that features an interview with Nikole by MSNBC’s Chris Hayes.

Tickets for the Nikole Hannah-Jones talk (which includes drinks and appetizers) are $100, and can be purchased here.

Tickets are tax-deductible and all proceeds support
the Mighty Writers Recreation Center Initiative.

At Mighty Writers we stand with — and for — all children.
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