Seven-foot and change.

Proud Cameroonian.    


A place very, very, few people in our metropolis can locate on a map.

Man can slam a ball through a hoop with enough force to scramble your DNA.   

And kiss it sweetly off the glass like easy.

Twenty-five years young today and  just getting started, baby!     

He alone can make Ben Simmons chuckle.    

Laughing and talking trash? 

It’s like breathing air to the big guy.    

In a town that suddenly has a star quarterback, a slugging titan and lots of supporting big names hanging ’round like it ain’t no thing… …

only one…  …

Joel Hans Embiid…   

… can inspire our Mighty teens to pose for a happy birthday photo without any trace of irony.

With arms wide open and contagious immigrant zeal, Joel Embiid calls on us to rally ’round him.   

It’s his instinct for inclusion that makes him the Man ’round here.  

Rave on, Mighty birthday guy!