State of Grace

Grace Morrison-Wesley is a seventh-grader and a regular at our Mighty Writers center in West Philadelphia. 

Grace is loves writing as much or more than any of our Mighty kids. We see a future filled with Grace Morrison-Wesley stories.

Don’t bet on her ever writing a memoir though. 

“I absolutely hate writing about myself,” Grace wrote in a recent essay published in the West Philly Promise Zone newsletter. “It limits my imagination.” 

What Grace finds difficult with nonfiction in general is “staying in this reality instead of going into my own world, a place with endless possibilities—– no limitations and no instructions. The only limit is my imagination and what it can dream up.”

There’s more:

“Writing is an art, a beautiful mess. It’s a process of trying and trying again until you have something you love, something original, something that has space for others to create something with it as well.”

Seventh grade, this Mighty kid.

We’ll keep you posted on her literary future.