“You don’t need a contract with a radio
station to succeed as a deejay. You need a
contract with your community.”
—the late great Philadelphia disc jockey, Georgie Woods

Going Black: The Legacy of Philly Soul Radio,” an Edward R. Murrow award-winning audio doc produced and distributed nationally by Mighty Writers in 2014, examines the legacy of Philadelphia Black radio, with a special focus on the city’s legendary radio station WDAS. 

The story of Black radio in Philadelphia is the story of a music that would have gone undiscovered otherwise, of Civil Rights and strife in many of the city’s neighborhoods and of how the radio medium has changed in dramatic ways in the last century. 

The documentary special— produced by Yowei Shaw and Alex Lewis— is hosted by legendary Sound of Philadelphia (TSOP) music producer and Rock and Roll Hall of Famer Kenny Gamble.

You can hear it here.

Memoirs of an AM radio junkie here.

Some of the pioneering WDAS jocks that helped make Philly a soul music town.