You’ve heard us talk about the Camden Voice, our journalism program for Camden teens.

Now it’s for real.

Mighty Writers and WHYY is working with young writers, photographers and videographers for this just-hatched Camden Voice project.

It’s a Tuesday and Thursday program from 4 to 6pm at 1801
Broadway, just across the street from Sacred Heart Church in Camden.

And it’s all about Camden. Just Camden.

Want to be involved as a mentor or participant, call April Saul,
our workshop leader, directly at 215.313.3045, or email April at

Meanwhile, meet our very first day sign-ups:

Deonna: Grew up in Camden.

Deonna Fooks-Benbow. I enjoy writing, eating and sleeping. My favorite food is sushi and Chick-fil-a. I grew up in Camden, NJ, but moved to Winslow a few years ago. I love my hair and I like chilling with my friends on the weekends. I also like lipgloss.

Kalie Gomez. When I was younger, I tried cooking but failed. I tried speaking Spanish and failed. I tried riding a bike, swimming, sneezing with my eyes open and failed at all of them. But one thing I managed to be decent at was writing. I’m really interested in fiction. I even submitted one of my stories to a writing contest and won first prize.

Kalie: fiction nerd.
Born in Philly, bred in Camden.

Frances Echevarria. Born in Philadelphia, but my childhood memories are all here in Camden. Things were pretty hard for my household growing up. During my teen years, I went down the wrong path and ended up getting into different problems. Only recently began to get my life together. I will be graduating Rutgers next May. I married the perfect women.

Kate: magazine nerd.

Kate Muhl. I am a writer, researcher and consultant focused on what Americans care about and what marketers need to do about it. My background is in magazine journalism, creative writing and public speaking.

Denise: National Parks!

Denise Guerin. I love all forms of storytelling, currently my storytelling has been through the lens of a camera. For the past five years, I’ve been photographing and exploring the state and National Parks and helping to change the environment.

Sa’miya: Good things are happening.

Sa’miya Wynn. Born and raised in Camden, NJ. My goal in working for The Camden Voice is to show people that Camden is not a horrible place and that there are good things happening. I would like to prove that Camden often responds to negativity like one big family.

Matt: I like telling stories.

Matt Stanley. I like telling stories and as someone who has always been very introverted, I love the opportunities that journalism has given me to meet new people, be invited into their homes and to be trusted to capture their images and share their stories.

Melony: Likes gardening and photography.

Melony Ariel Hernandez. Born and raised in Camden, NJ., the
third oldest of four sisters. Was sent to live in Warminster, PA in
2028 where I attended William Tennent. Currently attending
Woodrow Wilson High School. My guardians are my
grandmother and uncle. I enjoy gardening and photography.

Paul: Journalism is exciting.

Paul Foster. I worked in local TV news for about eight years. In that time, I gained experience in all aspects of news— including story generation, interviewing and media production. Journalism is an exciting and important pursuit which offers the chance to answer why things are the way they are.