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Our Mighty Writer Friends

Writers who generously donate their time and money.

Jeff Barg
Meredith Avakian
Danielle Burrows
Lorene Cary
Kara Cochran
Theresa Conroy
Sharon Creech
Ray Didinger
David Dye
Jason Fagone
Maria Gallagher
The Elizabeth George Foundation
Robert Gordon
Harry Groome
Hernán Guaracao
Ashley Halsey
Heather Hardwick
Cassidy Hartmann
Karen Heller
Alison Henry
Katherine Hill

Sam Hughes
Bob Ingram
Annette John-Hall
Matthew Katz
Sara Kelly
Beth Kephart
Peggy Kern
Pat Kiger
Kate Kilpatrick
Gerald Kolpan
John Langan
Paul Langan
Michelle Lewis
Steven Levy
Kevin McCardle
John McClung
Lauren McCutcheon
Joe McEwen
Michael McGettigan
Dale Mezzacappa
George Miller
Liz Moore

Nathaniel Popkin
Vince Rause
Linda Resnikoff
Carrie Rickey
Willa Rohrer
Cara Schneider
Bill Siemering
Andrea Tursi Smith
Michael Sokolove and Ann Gerhart
Art Spikol
Liz Spikol
Jerry Spinelli and Eileen Spinelli
Sam Stanton
Robert Strauss
Duane Swierczynski
Kerry Temple
Diana Wallach
Bill West
Judy Wicks
Jeanette Woods
Ben Yagoda

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