Required Clearances for PA

To work with youth in Pennsylvania, state law requires that all employees and volunteers must complete the following standard clearances:

  • Child Abuse Clearance
  • Criminal Record Check
  • FBI Background Check (involves fingerprinting; required for all employees; required for volunteers who have not lived in Pennsylvania continuously for the past 10 years)

Complete a Hard Copy for PA

Complete the linked documents (below) and return to Mighty Writers via mail or email.

  • Mail materials to: Rachel Loeper, Education Director, Mighty Writers South, 1501 Christian St., Philadelphia, PA 19146
  • Scan and email documents to
  • Mighty Writers provides the forms (attached) and submits the materials.
  • Once we have all of your necessary clearances, a staff member will be in touch with further information.

Already Have Clearances for PA?

If you already have clearances from a previous job or volunteer opportunity, you may submit your Child Abuse Clearance, Criminal Record Check and your FBI Background Check.

If you are a volunteer who has lived in PA continuously for the past 10 years and do not require a FBI Background Check, please complete the FBI Disclosure Statement for our files.

Required Documents for PA:

Child Abuse Clearance Application (opens in new tab)

Child Abuse Clearance Consent Form (opens in new tab)

Criminal Record Check Application (opens as Word doc for editing)

FBI Background Required Information (opens as Word doc for editing)

FBI Background Disclosure (opens in new tab)


Required Clearances for NJ only

Go to this url, created by our partner in background check security, AccurateNow:
    • Client Code: MIGHTV14
    • Username: VOLUNTEER

Requested contribution is $15.00 and Mighty Writers asks our volunteers to cover this cost. If you have questions or need assistance, please call or email AccurateNow Client Service at 866-693-1764 or