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"Ready to lead the next big thing!"

"As a repeat volunteer, I have loved my time with Mighty Writers. I have felt personally enriched by my experiences with the students. I would love the ability to carry out larger projects with ​guidance and ​the help of grant dollars. I'd really be interested in working to execute a long-term creative writing project with students ​that afforded ​them the opportunity to collaborate with printers, designers, etc. to turn out a quality indie zine or publication.​"​

-- Karas Lamb, MW West Workshop Leader

"Supporting the whole student!"

"It's been great to see ​kids develop at ​Mighty Writers. Jala wrote a fantastic essay for the summer program in NJ where she can continue to develop her singing. She also sang at a MW poetry slam and did a fantastic job. It's great that MW encourages students to develop all their passions​." ​

-- Liz Corson, MW North Academy Assistant

"Good experience for college students!"

"I am a college student ​at Arcadia University and I volunteered with Mighty Writers for a class practicum. My experience was amazing. I enjoyed getting to know the kids and leaders, and want to give a special thanks to ​workshop leader ​Eva ​Smith ​for all of the support she gave me.​"

-- Emmalee Gagnon, MW Rivera Workshop Leader

"The results are clear to me every day!"

​"​Mighty Writers is getting results! The young people attending the workshops are excited to improve their writing skills. ​They are making undeniable progress in their literacy skills.​"

—​— Kimberly Green, MW Penrose

"The whole city is my community now!"

​"​I feel supported and loved by Mighty Writers and I hope to work for them and volunteer in the future after I graduate. I was walking through the grocery store ​recently when a girl from ​MW's ​Comic Book Club recognized me. ​She said, '​You're from Mighty Writers​!' ​She asked to give me a hug, and then so did her two younger siblings. Moments like these warm my heart and make me so glad I found MW​."

​—— Cassie Conlin, MW North Intern

Sierra & Mentor

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If you love writing and want to share that love with young people, we have a volunteer opportunity that is right for you.

Our Mighty volunteers (over 400 every year!) are writers, playwrights, filmmakers, artists and business professionals. We have three things in common: compassion, patience and a willingness to learn from our students. For more information about our approach and volunteer opportunities, consult the Volunteer Handbook.

All volunteers are required to submit standard security clearances. Our staff will support you through the complete process. More info here.

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